You don't know if you can do it as a busy mom.


You want to learn to eat better  ...But you still want to enjoy life.


You want to look and feel better, but you don't have the time.

Finally, this is the complete DIET & WORKOUT plan you can trust as a busy busy mom.



You want to learn to eat well for results while still enjoying life.  You've yo-yo dieted.  You've tried restricting yourself from what you think you should not eat, but it's just not worth it sometimes.  You feel like you eat pretty good, but you seem to be failing at making progress.  The Busy Mom Gets Fit approach to diet is liveable.  It IS possible to learn to eat well but still have the things you love sometimes.  It's about learning a few tricks, parameters, and balance. You can do this, momma.

You are a beginner Or you are starting over on your fitness journey.  Starting out is the scariest step of all.  You are contemplating committing to changing some habits you've had for a very long time.  You aren't sure it's even worth it. Have you gone too far down the wrong path? Are you a hopeless cause?! Consider this: You know what doing nothing looks like.  You know where doing nothing leads.  Just imagine what progress you can make with even one step in a healthier direction.  Take a chance.  You and your family deserve a healthier you.

You want more knowledge or confidence with working out.  "Is this plan going to teach me what I really need to know to get fit for good?!  You need a solid plan to teach you the basics and skills to carry you on for life and the Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Plan promises that.  That's the Busy Mom Gets Fit way.  When you have the knowledge and skill to better yourself, you have an impact on your family and generations to come.  We all benefit.  We need more strong women like you, momma.


The BMGF Beginner Plan was designed for you.

With the BMGF Beginner Plan, you will develop lasting exercise and eating habits that lead you to the fit lifestyle and body you want!


  • You will start simply MOVING and with a DIET that fits your lifestyle
  • You will progress to beginning strength training and cardio
  • You will progress to intermediate strength training and cardio


With pictures, videos, easy to understand directions, and more… Val Solomon, of Busy Mom Gets FIt, shares her knowledge with you in a complete guide.

This plan is for You if:

  • you are looking for lasting diet help 
  • you need workouts to fit in your busy mom life
  • you new to strength training
  • you see yourself as a “beginner”
  • you are starting over on your fitness journey
  • you are BRAND new to fitness - it’s a couch to fit plan!

What's Included?


Diet, Cardio, Workouts, Tips, Tracking Tools & MORE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.15.58 PM.png

FOUR Workout Phases:

Workouts can be done at HOME or a GYM in 30-45 minutes

BMGF Phase 1 Workouts: Action   -  Fitting Cardio in the pockets of your week

BMGF Fit Phase 2 Workouts: Learn to Lift  -  adding 2 days of workouts

BMGF Phase 3 Workouts: Step it Up  -  adding 3 days of workouts

BMGF Phase 4 Workouts: Push it  - stepping it up a bit

Minimal Equipment Needed:

  • You don’t need any equipment to get started! You can start today!
  • For Phase 2, you need a set of resistance bands with a door attachment 
  • For Phase 3 & 4, you need a variety of hand weights (2 x 5lb and 10lbs would be a good start) and a bench or stability ball to sit on


TWO Progressive Diet Phases:

BMGF Phase 1 Beginner Diet: Just Tell Me What To Eat!

BMGF Phase 2 Beginner Diet: No More Diet. Learn to Eat Well for Life.  The Busy Mom Gets Fit concept of diet is doable and sure to help you navigate eating well for life.  No more yo-yo dieting.


You'll Learn How To...

Learn to stop crash dieting and really make lasting changes for yourself and your family.

  • meal plan & recipes
  • grocery list

PLUS learn key basics for eating well for life:

  • How many calories to eat
  • What to eat
  • Becoming “protein minded”

PLUS tools to stay on track:

  • Printable daily tracking tools
  • Weekly challenges
  • Guides on warming up and stretching
  • Tips on target heart rate

BONUS: Power of Portions e-book & free issue of GORGO Fitness Magazine

and MORE!

You can do this, busy mom.

All you need is this plan that understands your lifestyle.

“This is my current picture and me two years ago.  You can see the muscle gains I've made. I have used the Busy Mom Gets Fit workout and diet plans and completed those 12 weeks many times. I am a 48 year old mother of two daughters 19 and 22 and have been married to my husband Tom for 24 years. I was heavy for a lot of those years until I decided to take care of me too. I have fallen in love with exercise and it has changed my whole life.” ~Chris Hoop